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247Tech’s inventory control systems

If you’re a wholesaler, multichannel retailer, or e-commerce brand, charging track of inventory can be an intimidating prospect. Technology, systems, and processes are now obtainable to assist organizations in sleek their supply chain. Furthermore, by employing 247Tech’s inventory control systems, you can precisely and efficiently track your merchandise.

Inventory Monitoring

Inventory Monitoring is a process of directing an organization’s inventory levels, either in their warehouse or over different locations.

247Tech’s inventory monitoring system consists of the management of items, initiating from the time you have those items in stock to their ultimate destination or disposal.

Why Inventory Monitoring?

-Avoids shortages.

-Better stocks visibility.

-Multiple location tracking.

-Better inventory forecasting.

-Faster error detection.

Asset Monitoring

Asset Monitoring is a system of software and hardware that registers information about palpable assets, permitting a business to support its assets’ status and location.

Why Asset Monitoring?

-Strengthens asset monitoring protocols.

-Enhances value with asset employing reports.

-Centralizes data along with asset monitoring software.

-Achieves high security for significant assets.

-Improves asset lifecycle maintenance.

How 247Tech help?

247Tech is one such platform that provides an extremely up-to-date inventory control system that monitors the products’ movement, storage, and usage. The inventory control system is very significant as it manages tour inventory levels and ensures that you’re keeping the optimal/satisfactory amount of every product. Alongside, our inventory system keeps a track of your purchase orders and keeps a working supply chain.
Let our control and platform tower combine live data with automation to execute the best course of action for Inventory and Asset monitoring.   


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