Computers on Wheels

Access everything you need on the go

These are carts that allow medical staff to carry everything they need to the bedside. From scanners to fetch information wristbands label printers to label patient specimen from the bedside and all medication that needs to be administered.

What is Computer on Wheels

A Computer on Wheels (COW) is a mobile computing cart or workstation typically used in healthcare settings, such as hospitals and clinics. It consists of a computer or laptop mounted on a rolling cart equipped with wheels, allowing healthcare professionals to move the workstation from one location to another as needed. COWs are designed to provide easy access to electronic health records (EHRs), patient information, medical imaging, and other healthcare software applications at the point of care.

Benefits of Computer on wheels

-Improves accessibility to patient information.

-Enhances efficiency in healthcare workflows.

-Facilitates documentation at the point of care.

-Increases accuracy of data entry and medication administration.

-Enables real-time communication between healthcare providers.

-Enhances patient engagement and education.

-Streamlines clinical decision-making processes.

-Supports mobile healthcare delivery models.

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