Barcode & RFID Scanners

Inventory Management in your hands.

Our wireless scanners can instantly identify and capture data when the barcode or tag is within the scanning range. Barcode and RFID tags are stored with data information of that entity which helps you track assets, manage inventory, improve data accuracy, better control over production and more in-depth management information.

What are Barcode and RFID Scanners?

Barcode Scanners are devices that use lasers or image sensors to read and decode barcodes. Barcode scanners are commonly used in retail, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and other industries for tasks such as inventory management, point-of-sale transactions, asset tracking, and package sorting.

RFID scanners use radio-frequency signals to detect and read data stored on RFID tags, which are small electronic devices containing a microchip and antenna. RFID tags can be passive (powered by the RFID reader’s signal) or active (powered by an internal battery). RFID scanners are used for applications such as access control, inventory management, supply chain tracking, asset tracking, and electronic toll collection.

Benefits of Barcode and RFID Scanners

-Rapid and accurate data capture.

-Improved inventory management.

-Enhanced efficiency in retail operations.

-Streamlined logistics and supply chain tracking.

-Increased visibility and traceability of assets.

-Reduced errors in data entry and tracking.

-Enhanced security and access control.

-Improved customer service and satisfaction.

Barcode Scanning

A convenient scanning method that reads data being encoded by utilizing the most standard barcode formats. Furthermore, it tends to happen on a specific device and does not need a network connection.


Why Barcode Scanning?

-Diminishes the possibility of human error.

-It is much lighter and smaller and hence easier to utilize.

The advantages of RFID over Barcode.

Speed: There’s an immense performance gap between RFID and barcode when it comes to speed. RIFD withholds scanning of multiple items at once whereas Barcode withholds individual scanning.

Automation: By utilizing RIFD, one can automate item tracking and inventory management. RIFD system allows to leverage specified data better and can share and store more information as compared to Barcode.

Accuracy: It’s difficult to access accuracy as barcode needs manual reading and is more prone to human error. RFID can guarantee up to 100% accuracy i.e., consistent result.

How 247Tech help?

247Tech provides an immensely beneficial and up to date service of RIFD scanning and Barcode scanning. These scanning techniques are becoming increasingly useful to support IoT deployments. Integrating the technology with GPS technology and/or smart sensors enables data to be wirelessly transmitted.

Whether RFID or Barcode is preferable for your needs should be elucidated by looking at the particular circumstances of your specified business. Because, there’re places where utilizing only barcodes, or both RFID and barcode is preferred.

Thus, increase accuracy and efficiency by putting together scanning technology with your inventory solution.

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