Corporate Performance Management

Simplify & Automate

Automate repetitive business processes such as data imports, report generation, and allocations. Logically and consistently create budgets, plans, and forecasts by easily pre-populating data using pre-built functionality.

Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) is referred to as a blanket term that represents the metrics, methodologies, systems and processes utilized to manage and monitor a specific business’s performance of any enterprise. Corporate performance management software encompasses budgeting & planning functions, forecasting, as well as graphical dashboard and scorecards to deliver and display corporate information.

Why Corporate Performance Management (CPM)?

-Produces accurate and timely information.

-Eliminates dependency on spreadsheets.

-Enhances automation and standardization of processes.

-Diminishes operational risk.

-Possesses greater visibility of financial information.

How 247Tech help?

If you’re looking to diminish or replace your company’s dependency on spreadsheets and attain great visibility of the company’s performance, a corporate performance management solution is best suited.  247Tech’s CPM provides a composite assessment based on the capabilities of an organization or company to execute significant parameters, mainly shareholder performance, financial, and market. It is significant to different businesses as it helps align their resources, employees, systems to meet a predefined or strategic objective.


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