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Enjoy seamless connectivity and smooth application experience. We not only provide connectivity but also actionable intelligence to your network administrators for addressing immediate issues and to optimize the network for the ever-changing network conditions.

What is Routing, Switching & Wi-Fi ?

Routing is the process of directing network traffic between different networks or subnetworks to deliver data packets from a source to a destination. It involves making decisions based on routing protocols and algorithms to determine the optimal path for data transmission.

Switching is the process of forwarding data packets within a single network or LAN. Switches are networking devices that connect multiple devices within a network and forward data packets only to their intended destination, based on MAC addresses.

Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that enables devices to connect to a local area network (LAN) wirelessly. It utilizes radio waves to transmit data between devices and access points, providing users with wireless internet access and network connectivity.

Benefits of Routing, Switching & Wi-Fi

-Efficient data transmission between networks and devices.

-Seamless connectivity within a network for fast communication.

-Optimal path determination for data packets to reach their destination.

-Faster forwarding of data packets within a single network or LAN.

-Reduced network congestion and improved performance.

-Wireless connectivity for devices without the need for physical cables.

-Convenient access to internet and network resources from anywhere.

-Enhanced mobility and flexibility for users to move within Wi-Fi coverage areas.

Why Routing and Switching?

-Manages specified information accurately.

-Give staff access to several business applications.

-Enhances customer responsiveness.

-Get work done from anywhere.

-Reduces risk.

How 247Tech help?

We provide quality solutions for your requirements of routing and switching as these are the building blocks for almost all kinds of business communications from “video to wireless and data to voice” obtainment. 247Tech’s routing and switching service can enhance your company’s bottom line by sanctioning your company to enhance productivity, improve customer service and security, and cut business costs.

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