Routing, Switching & Wi-Fi

Smart and secure networks

Enjoy seamless connectivity and smooth application experience. We not only provide connectivity but also actionable intelligence to your network administrators for addressing immediate issues and to optimize the network for the ever changing network conditions.

Have a look:

-You connect to the internet to watch significant presentations via Network.

-Your company’s software is placed on the Network.

-A significant presentation get shared through various members of your team via Network.

-Critical messages are carried to your partners and employees through Network.

Routing helps in routing several packets between distinct networks i.e., different LANs (Local Area Network) whereas Switching switches data packets between different devices on the similar network (LAN) of your company’s network communication centre.

Why Routing and Switching?

-Manages specified information accurately.

-Give staff access to several business applications.

-Enhances customer responsiveness.

-Get work done from anywhere.

-Reduces risk.

How 247Tech help?

We provide quality solutions for your requirements of routing and switching as these are the building blocks for almost all kinds of business communications from “video to wireless and data to voice” obtainment. 247Tech’s routing and switching service can enhance your company’s bottom line by sanctioning your company to enhance productivity, improve customer service and security, and cut business costs.


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