Our Solutions protect the people, processes and technologies that drive modern enterprises. Next generation security to stop breaches, ransomware, and cyber-attacks—powered by world-class security expertise and deep industry experience.

We offer full spectrum security from the entrance at your office with surveillance and physical security to your cybersecurity firewall server and endpoint protection.

Fully integrated cybersecurity infrastructure

Endpoint Protection

Protect all your devices with Fully Integrated Next Generation Portfolio

· Stop ransomware, malware, exploits, and other threats with industry leading protection.

· Secure your cloud, on-premises and virtual servers from the latest cybersecurity threats.

· Increase user productivity and data security with mobile protection that’s easy to configure, manage and maintain.


Everything you need to connect your modern distributed network at both the edge and within your core network

· Firewall protection for your networks on hardware, as a virtual or software appliance, and on cloud platforms.

· Zero Trust Network Access

· Cloud-managed network access layer switches to connect, power, and control device access at the LAN edge

· Affordable, secure SD-WAN VPN connectivity with zero-touch deployment

Email & Cloud

Protection against malware and phishing

· Secure your data and emails against malicious threats.

· Keep your users and business safe with phishing simulations, automated security awareness training, and comprehensive reporting

Next Generation Access Control

High performing accurate and quick access to secured areas by the right people

Efficient Passing – Make personnel entry quick and efficient

· Several authentication credentials: Face, ID cards, fingerprints, PIN codes, etc.

· Visual monitoring, visually showing access control status

· Real-time alarms, abundant alarm-linkage applications

· Intercom at the door to request entry

Emergency Management – Ensure personnel safety in case of emergencies

· Emergency mode can be launched manually or by linkage to system

· All doors are automatically kept open and IP speakers broadcast message repeatedly

· Sends emails, SMS messages, or app notifications to all employees automatically

· Real-time people counting in emergency areas

High Level Security – Control personnel entry to high security area

· High-security access control applications are available, such as interlock, multiple authentications, anti-pass-back, etc.

· Access control alarm with multiple linkages

· Supports UPS

Managed Threat Detection

· Reduce Risk and the Costs Associated with Cybersecurity Incidents and Breaches with an expert team that focuses on threat hunting and resolution

· Free Up IT and Security Staff to Focus on Business Enablement

· Get More ROI from Your Existing Cybersecurity Investments. Our analysts can use your existing cybersecurity assets to detect and respond to threats.

· Fully managed service delivered by experts who detect and respond to cyberattacks


Cybersecurity comprises the implementation of various processes, technologies and controls to look after networks, programs, systems, devices, and data from particularized cyber-attacks.


Surveillance encompasses monitoring of distinct activities, behaviour, or information for the motive of information gathering, influencing, directing, or managing.


Physical security determines the protection of software, hardware, networks, personnel, and data from various physical events and actions that could lead to serious damage or loss to an agency, enterprise, or institution.


247Tech’s dedicated IT Security services brag an IT risk management and security turn to practice delivering industry majoring research and services to our customers throughout the African region and beyond.


Managed SOC tends to offer external cybersecurity to a company’s experts who monitor your cloud environment, network, logs, and devices for threat. This process is mainly based on a subscription model, wherein you pay a yearly or monthly fee to assure that threats are detected precisely and being responded to accordingly.



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