Backhaul PTP & PTMP

Next level long range connectivity

Bridge your network across diffferent sites. Tailor made solutions for your site distance and line of sight. We offer the most optimal radios and antenna depending on your required throughput. We also offer isolating shields or AirPrism technology based on the level of interference.

What is Backhaul PTP & PTMP?

Backhaul PTP (Point-to-Point) and PTMP (Point-to-Multipoint) are wireless communication technologies used to connect remote locations or network nodes to a central point, typically a base station or access point.

Backhaul PTP refers to a wireless link established between two specific points, providing a dedicated connection for data transmission. It is commonly used to connect two buildings, towers, or sites within a relatively short distance.

Backhaul PTMP involves a wireless link from one central point (base station) to multiple remote points (subscriber units) simultaneously. This allows for efficient distribution of data from a single source to multiple destinations, such as connecting multiple homes or businesses to a central network hub.

Benefits of Backhaul PTP & PTMP

-Efficient connectivity for remote locations.

-Enhanced network coverage and reach.

-Improved scalability to accommodate growing demand.

-Reduced deployment costs compared to wired solutions.

-Faster deployment and installation times.

-Reliable data transmission over long distances.

-Flexibility to adapt to changing network needs.

-Increased productivity and efficiency for connected users.

How 247Tech help?

247Tech puts you first, bringing end-to-end solutions that are remarkably tailored to your specific project needs. Our solutions are based on specific years of innovation and experience-they tends to work hand-in-hand with class products and deliver future proof, cost-effective results for our customers. You can attain next-generation, optimized results with 247Tech.

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