Copper & Fiber Systems – Cabling & Patch Panels

Optimized to process high data volumes

Increase your network’s throughput and improve your SLAs with reduced Latency with end to end connectivity and control your data center with Copper and Fiber Systems.

Why Copper Cabling?

-It is cheaper to set up.

-Cabled telephone is capable of being powered directly from a copper cable, hence, the phone still works if there’s a power loss.

247Tech’s Copper cable utilizes electrical signals to proceed data between distinct networks. 247Tech’s copper cabling is mainly of three different types including coaxial (corrupts over long distance), shielded twisted pair (utilizes copper shielding throughout twisted wires to construct them less prone to interference), and unshielded twisted pair (reduces degeneration).

Why Fiber Cabling?

-Less interference.

-Less chance of degeneration.

-Individual fiber cables are thinner, thus, larger cable quantities can be joined together.

247Tech’s Fiber cable is fabricated from glass that tends to become highly flexible when it’s thin and light travels through the cable utilizing a transmitter. It is made in such a way that light can travel faster via the light-reflecting cable’s internal wall.

Why 247Tech?

We at 247Tech provides high-quality solutions for Cabling. We’re supported by an ultra-modern infrastructure unit that is based on modern and upgraded technology. 247Tech provides an interrupt free working environment by parting our solutions into different functioning units.


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