Telecom / ISP Billing & Bandwidth Management


We offer comprehensive solutions for different businesses such as ISPs and Hotels to offer customized business plans and new revenue-generating platforms using pre-paid coupons based on hours/days, data usage, and discounts. We facilitate the provision of internet access on secured networks, increasing users’ satisfaction.

What is Telecom / ISP Billing & Bandwidth Management

Telecom/ISP Billing refers to the system and processes involved in charging and invoicing customers for the usage of telecommunication or internet services. It includes the calculation of charges based on various factors such as data usage, call minutes, text messages, or other services provided by a telecom or internet service provider (ISP).

Bandwidth Management involves the control and optimization of data transmission rates within a network. It includes mechanisms to monitor, allocate, and prioritize bandwidth to ensure equitable distribution among users.

Benefits of Telecom / ISP Billing & Bandwidth Management

-Ensures accurate and transparent invoicing for telecom and internet services.

-Optimizes bandwidth allocation for equitable distribution among users.

-Prevents network congestion, enhancing overall quality of service.

-Facilitates the implementation of subscription plans and flexible pricing models.

-Improves network performance and reliability through effective bandwidth management.

-Enhances customer satisfaction by providing clear and predictable billing structures.

-Enables the enforcement of Quality of Service (QoS) policies for better service delivery.

-Supports compliance with regulatory requirements for billing transparency and service quality.

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