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Getting robust and reliable connectivity for your organization which allows you to communicate between sites and every other location. Our solutions allow you to prioritize packet delivery and encrypt highly controlled traffic while communicating with limited manpower.

What is Internet and MPLS?

The Internet and MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) are both types of wide area network (WAN) technologies used to connect multiple locations or sites within an organization’s network.

The Internet is a global network of interconnected devices and networks that allows for the exchange of data and communication using standard protocols such as TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol). It is a public network that is widely accessible to users and organizations worldwide.

MPLS, on the other hand, is a private WAN technology that uses labels to direct data packets along predetermined paths or routes within a network. It offers features such as quality of service (QoS), traffic engineering, and enhanced security compared to the Internet. MPLS networks are typically managed by service providers and are used by businesses to connect their geographically dispersed locations securely and reliably.

Benefits of Internet & MPLS

-Accessible worldwide.

-Affordable connectivity.

-Reliable network performance.

-Easily expandable.

-Secure data transmission.

-Ensured service quality.

-Efficient traffic management.

-Simple network administration.

Why 247Tech’s IP Transit?

Provides an elevated level of security, reliability, and flexibility.

-One of the original Tier 1 networks, associating hundreds of end-users to their critical cloud services, applications, and content.

– Our solutions are completely adapted to our customers’ requirements and can be precisely adjusted if locations change and business grows.

-Mostly, our services are constructed dynamically and is cost-effective.

IP Transit connection:

A service wherein an ISP (Internet Service Provider) tends to allow traffic to navigate associated network to reach s specific destination.


For your company/organization to have ingress to all Internet routes, you would require to connect plainly with all “autonomous systems”. Thus, 247Tech’s IP Transit is a high-ranking option for a business having more bandwidth-intensive operations. IP Transit is considered to be essential for businesses that rely on reliable and continuous internet access. Nevertheless, how your products or business accesses the Internet, you will always require to use IP transit in remarkable capacity.

Why 247Tech?

1. 24/7 Support.

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3. Affordable Prices.

4. Quality Service, Guaranteed.

5. Reliable and Flexible Services.

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