Business Continuity & Encryption

A Resilient & Contingent Business Plan

Business continuity is a top priority in any business to maintain critical functions after a disruption.
We use the latest technology to evaluate and create a plan to maintain different business function in foreseen and unforeseen threats or hazards.

Business continuity

247Tech is one of the most counted business continuity providers for data recovery and backup due to its “hybrid cloud technology”. It tends to provide cloud and local backup virtualization so that specific data can be restored quickly with little/no downtime. It’s very significant for any public sector organization, business, or charity to understand the importance of proceeding under any circumstances.

Why Business continuity?

-Helps your organization to maintain resiliency by responding quickly to specific interruptions.

-Saves your time, money, and company’s reputation.

-Required for legal or compliance reasons.

– Considered as the most “critical components” of a recovery strategy.

Benefits of Business continuity:

-Protects your organization’s reputation.

-Boost employee’s morale.

-Helps you meet regulatory requirements.

-Builds relationships with third parties and subsidies.

How 247Tech can help?

247Tech helps different companies and organizations that face unpredictable exposures. The severity and frequency of particularized events seem to be increasing and thus, the reliance on a complex network of supply chains and technology is expanding. 247Tech is one such platform that helps these organizations in fighting through these unexpected disasters and emerging risks by developing an appropriate business continuity strategy. 


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