Security & Cloud Training

Solidify your cloud & security skills

Whether you’re brushing up on your personal cloud security know-how or trying to upskill entire teams at your company, our training covers all levels.

Security Training

247Tech’s security training aims at assisting employees and users to understand the specific roles they carry out in serving to tackle information security breaches. Security training promotes organizations’ companies to influence behaviour, ensure compliance, and mitigate risk.

It is an approach utilized by IT (Information Technology) and security professionals to avert and lessen customer/user risk.

Why Security Training?

-Develops a security-focused culture.
-Enhances organizational reputation.
-Responsible for boosting morale.
-Increases awareness to diminish threats.
-Institutes proactive practices.

Cloud Training

A form of training that happens on the cloud (a virtual space that isn’t restricted to any one computer).
247Tech provides various cloud training management systems that help companies to bring an entire host of benefits for their companies.

Why Cloud Training?

-Enhances data security.
-Completely scalable and customizable.
-Improves accessibility.
-Cloud is the future.

How 247Tech help?

247Tech is a premiere place that assists companies to get their employees trained on various skill sets and meet the requirement of training.

247Tech provides different prerequisites to learn through cloud training, such as programming skills, basics of networking, database familiarities, agile development knowledge, virtualization comprehending, security and privacy, etc.

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