Backup Power (UPS) & Intelligent PDU

No more downtime losses

In the event of power outage and power quality problems, avoid the loss and downtime by adding UPS and PDU in your data center infrastructure which not only backups power but also evenly distributes to multiple devices.


Downtime compelled by power breakdown is frustrating for anyone and can be financially impeded for a business or alliance. Annually, Billions of dollars are lost because of downtime driven by power disturbances that a UPS could have controlled.

A UPS possesses a battery that pops out and shows a notification to the user when his/her device senses a power loss from the main source. In this way, the user gets a specified time to save any data he/she is working on and is capable of exiting just before the secondary power source runs out. When the power gushes occur, a UPS obstructs the gush to avoid damage to the computer.

Why UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)?

-There’s no obstruction between shifting from the “primary power source” to the UPS.

-Supports the critical instruments better as compared to generators.

-UPSs are silent.

-Comparatively cheaper maintenance of UPS system than generators.

-The size and type of the UPS are chosen by consumers, depending on the requirement of power supply to a device.

How 247Tech can help?

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