Back-up Power (UPS) & Intelligent PDU

No more downtime losses

In the event of power outage and power quality problems, avoid loss and downtime by adding UPS and PDU in your data center infrastructure which not only backups power but also evenly distributes to multiple devices.

What is Back-up Power (UPS) & Intelligent PDU

Back-up power, often implemented through Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), is a system that provides emergency power to critical devices or infrastructure during power outages or fluctuations.

An Intelligent PDU is a device used to distribute electrical power to connected equipment in data centers, server rooms, or network closets. Unlike traditional PDUs, Intelligent PDUs incorporate advanced monitoring, management, and control capabilities, allowing administrators to monitor power consumption, manage outlets remotely, and automate power distribution based on predefined policies or conditions.

Benefits of Back-up Power (UPS) & Intelligent PDU

-Continuous operation of critical systems during power outages.

-Protection against data loss and downtime.

-Enhanced reliability and availability of IT infrastructure.

-Prevention of equipment damage due to power fluctuations.

-Remote monitoring and management of power distribution.

-Optimization of energy efficiency and resource utilization.

-Simplified capacity planning and infrastructure management.

-Improved resilience and disaster recovery capabilities.

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