Unified Infrastructure Monitoring System (NMS)

Full-stack monitoring of your infrastructure

With a single and common platform for monitoring, log indexing, visualizing, and alerting on all events across your hybrid infra, we help IT operations leaders deliver better business outcomes through Data-Driven intelligence.

Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM)

247Tech’s Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) is a key component, it helps in simplifying and improving IT operations in the company of a cloud-native single control point of LAN, WLAN, and SD-WAN over branch, remote worker, campus, and data center locations. It provides a specific analytics-operated solution, for effectively and proactively managing modern hybrid and cloud IT infrastructures.
247Tech’s UIM tends to provide comprehensive coverage, intelligent analytics, and extensible architecture.

Why Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM)?

-Complete visibility of infrastructure and application stacks.

-Automated device monitoring.

-Bi-directional integration in the company of service desks.

-Diminishes maintaining costs of separate networking infrastructure.

Network Monitoring Solution (NMS)

A system designed for maintaining, optimising, and monitoring a particular network.

247Tech NMS encompasses software as well as hardware. It also sends alerts to the network administrators if any problem is being identified/detected.

Why Network Monitoring Solution (NMS)?

-Recognizes security threats.

-Manages an altering IT environment.

-Allocates resources efficiently. 

-Benchmarks standard performance.

-Deploys system upgrades and new technology successfully. 

How 247Tech help?

247Tech is one of the places in which people have been entrusted to manage and monitor their company’s UIM and NMS. 247Tech’s services include 24/7 operations utilizing software tools that help in enhancing the performance and availability of expository infrastructure.


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