Cooling –Inrow, Rack Method

Quick configuration and easily expandable

Control and manage the air flow temperature for indoor IT devices and equipment rooms to avoid over heating and fire events through a software program.

What is Cooling –Inrow, Rack Method

Inrow cooling is a method of cooling IT equipment in data centers or server rooms by placing cooling units directly between server racks. Inrow cooling units draw in hot air from the front of the racks, cool it using refrigeration or chilled water systems, and then expel the cooled air into the hot aisle or cold aisle between the racks.

Rack-based cooling integrates cooling components directly into server racks or cabinets. Rack-based cooling solutions, such as rear-door heat exchangers or liquid-cooled rear doors, remove heat from servers at the rack level, typically using chilled water or refrigerant-based systems. These cooling solutions provide localized cooling to individual racks, minimizing the mixing of hot and cold air and improving energy efficiency.

Benefits of Cooling –Inrow, Rack Method

-Improved cooling efficiency and airflow management.

-Targeted cooling to heat-generating equipment.

-Reduced energy consumption compared to traditional cooling methods.

-Minimized mixing of hot and cold air within the data center.

-Enhanced heat dissipation and temperature control at the rack level.

-Increased reliability and performance of IT equipment.

-Scalability to accommodate changing heat loads and infrastructure requirements.

-Optimal use of space within the data center or server room.

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