Executive Boardrooms & Halls

Rich connections, better collaborations

Everything you need for a successful video call – audio, camera, and video app. Our built-in software used by our complete room solutions can be integrated with other solutions.
No need to bring your own PC or Mac; just click the controller to join and you are ready to meet.

Executive Boardrooms

247Tech aims at providing exclusive and soundproofed boardrooms as this is the basic requirement of a quality boardroom. 247Tech assures that the space used by boardrooms aren’t susceptible to interruptions and eavesdropping because we understand privacy is critical during meetings held in these rooms. 247Tech focuses on establishing boardrooms that are equipped with the latest technological equipment encompassing Bloomberg terminals. 

Why Executive Boardrooms?

-It makes a good impression on the clients.

-It provides organized storage systems.

-Distinct backgrounds makes the company adaptable to an ever-changing environment.

-Prevents interruptions in between important discussions.

-Gives a safe space and privacy to the clients as well as company holders.

How 247Tech can help?

247Tech utilizes the latest technologies that change ways through which various companies run streamline follow-up and board meetings. With the help of 247Tech’s service, a company will never have to lose time again because of interruptions, delayed actions, or items not captured accurately as it provides “cloud-based workspaces” that are persistent project repositories that are responsible for keeping context and content.

247Tech’s a place that offers an ideal combination of advanced boardrooms with the latest technology software.


When you join 247 Tech you become part a thriving company with an enthusiastic culture. We are passionate about developing the expertise of our people and creating an inclusive work space. If you are looking for an opportunity that will challenge you and push you into mastery of your chosen career, then join our fast growing family.