Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)

Ensure excellent service for each client call

An interactive voice response system that detects touch tones. This IVR system can respond with a pre-recorded audio to enable automatic call answering. It also provides features such as Two Stage Calling, Advertisements and Music-On-Hold.
Provide information and excellent customer service 24/7.


-Lowers communication charges.
-Keeps pre-existing hardware.
-Encompasses minimal changes.
-Includes cloud-based reliability.

IP-PBX, Call centre, IVRS

An IP-PBX is regarded as a specific telecommunication device that generally provides voice connectivity to various desk phones within a specified area or building. 247Tech’s service makes sure that the set-up oversees every incoming and outgoing call across the associated telephone network utilizing an internet connection. In an organization, the IP PBX system makes it easier to receive and make phone calls through the internet and maintain Analog phones throughout the organization. In an organisation/company, call centres are sole for handling a huge volume of calls. 247Tech’s call centre services work in a way that assures in helping companies to handle technical support, customer service, or sales.

Why call centre?

-Increases productivity.
-Exceptional customer experience.
-Enhances customer service management.


247Tech’s IVR service helps companies interact with different callers and collect information by proving them with particularized choices through a standard menu. With the help of IVR, companies take certain actions depending on the caller’s answer via voice response or telephone keypad.

Why IVR?

-Measure customer’s satisfaction.
-Improves customer’s journey.
-Supports disaster recovery.

How 247Tech can help?

247Tech’s presentation and communication encompass different systems including IP-PBX, Call centre, IVRS and is committed to providing the best services to various organizations by implementing the latest technologies.


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