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Our server and virtualization services ensure Operational efficiency, agility, and scale for hybrid cloud infrastructure. Get high-density, high-availability, storage-optimized servers.

What are Servers and virtualization ?

Servers are computer systems or software applications that provide functionality or resources to other devices or programs, known as clients, within a network. They typically have more processing power, memory, and storage capacity compared to client devices and are optimized for continuous operation and reliability. Servers can be physical machines, such as rack-mounted servers or blade servers, or virtual instances running on virtualization platforms.

Virtualization is a technology that enables the creation of virtual instances of computer hardware, software, storage devices, or networks. It allows multiple virtual machines (VMs) to run simultaneously on a single physical server or host system, each with its own operating system and applications. Virtualization abstracts the underlying hardware, enabling more efficient utilization of resources, improved scalability, and flexibility in managing IT infrastructure.

Benefits of Servers and virtualization

-Efficient utilization of hardware resources.

-Increased flexibility and scalability in IT infrastructure.

-Simplified management and deployment of applications.

-Improved disaster recovery and high availability.

-Reduced hardware and operational costs.

-Enhanced security and isolation between virtual machines.

-Streamlined testing and development processes.

-Faster provisioning and deployment of new servers and services.

Why Hyperconvergence?

-Software-defined storage.

-Higher ability to scale.

-Data protection.

-Cost efficiency.



An IT framework that incorporates storage, networking, and computing into a particular system to improve scalability lessen data center complexity.

247Tech’s Hyperconvergence service is winning over businesses that are drawn to its prospects to simplify management, increase infrastructure costs, and streamline the implementation of new workloads.

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