Email Security & Gateway


Spam, phishing attacks, malware and fraudulent contented mails are the most common malicious activities and account for majority of all security breaches into IT networks.
Our engineered solutions prevent the attacks through well designed Email Security Gateway.

What is Email Security & Mail Gateway

Email security refers to the measures and practices implemented to protect email communication and prevent unauthorized access, data breaches, and the distribution of malicious content through email channels. It includes spam filtering, antivirus scanning, encryption, authentication mechanisms, and measures to detect and block phishing attempts.

An email gateway is a network device or software application that serves as an intermediary between an organization’s internal email system and external networks, such as the internet.

Benefits of Email Security & Mail Gateway

-Guards against phishing attacks, blocking malicious emails.

-Scans attachments to prevent the spread of malware through email.

-Filters out unwanted and irrelevant emails, reducing spam.

-Implements measures to prevent unauthorized data transmission.

-Ensures authentication to prevent email spoofing and malicious messages.

-Monitors and filters email content for security and compliance.

-Provides encryption to secure sensitive information during transmission.

-Mitigates the risk of business email compromise and unauthorized access.

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