Internet Billing & AAA


A highly flexible solution that supports multiple protocols and manages authentication, authorization and accounting based on internet usage.
It also provides Bandwidth control and billing management which includes prepaid and postpaid billing cycles with multiple services.

What is Internet Billing & AAA

Internet Billing is the process of charging customers for their usage of internet services. This involves calculating and invoicing charges based on various factors such as data usage, subscription plans, additional services, or other elements of internet service provision.

AAA stands for Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting. It represents a framework of processes used to control and manage access to network resources.

Benefits of Internet Billing & AAA

-Facilitates accurate and transparent billing for internet services.

-Controls and manages access to network resources securely.

-Verifies the identity of users or devices attempting to access the network.

-Determines the level of access or permissions granted to authenticated users.

-Tracks and records user activities for billing and accountability purposes.

-Enables flexible pricing models and subscription plans.

-Ensures compliance with regulatory requirements for billing transparency.

-Enhances customer satisfaction through clear and predictable billing structures.

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