Voicebot and Chabot

Helping businesses achieve more with conversational AI

We create and deploy smart virtual assistants that support your customer service and sales results by bringing a new level of automation, speed, and availability to your business. Transform your customer journey, decrease your operational costs while driving up your sales with intelligent automation that is done right!

What is Voice Bot & Chatbot?

Voice Bot and Chatbot are both types of conversational AI (Artificial Intelligence) systems designed to interact with users and respond to their queries or commands, but they differ in the medium through which they communicate; Voice bot is audio while chatbot is text conversations

Benefits of Voice Bot & Chatbot

-Improved customer service and support accessibility.

-Enhanced user engagement and interaction.

-Increased efficiency and productivity through automation.

-Scalability to handle multiple conversations simultaneously.

-24/7 availability for round-the-clock assistance.

-Personalized responses tailored to individual needs.

-Cost savings on human labor and operational expenses.

-Integration with existing systems for seamless workflows.

How 247Tech can help?

247Tech enables companies to contribute efficient and simple customer interactions via voicebot and chatbot platforms. We aim at helping the customer service team overcome basic challenges, abolish time-consuming processes, allowing to motorize large volumes of customer requests, and optimize their use of human resources.

247Tech is a prime specialist in enterprise-strength automation software that permits different companies to facilitate external and internal business communication across different channels. Our motorized communication management software utilizes machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to motorize communication processes through chat and voice.


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