Surveillance & Physical Protection


Prioritize security of personnel, software and hardware networks and data from damage or loss by physical events and actions. Be aware and enjoy control over who has access to your premises. Our solutions also enable role-based access for different areas and assets in your property. Save time and resources caused by natural disasters, burglary, theft or vandalism and get visual evidence to identify culprit and their tactics.

What is Surveillance and Physical Protection ?

Surveillance involves the systematic observation and monitoring of activities, behaviors, or information for the purpose of managing, directing, influencing, or protecting people, assets, or information.

Physical protection encompasses measures and strategies implemented to safeguard physical assets, infrastructure, and individuals from harm, unauthorized access, or damage. We offer access control, cameras, and more.

Benefits of Surveillance and Physical Protection

-Deter potential threats and criminal activities.

-Enhance situational awareness for proactive response.

-Aid in monitoring and managing security incidents.

-Provide evidence for investigations and legal proceedings.

-Protect physical assets and infrastructure from unauthorized access.

-Support the safety and well-being of individuals.

-Ensure compliance with security policies and regulations.

How 247Tech can help?

247Tech utilizes technology to solve the “complex security challenges” facing Africa and its allies. The company focuses on creating solutions that tend to adapt and address the heap casualty threats of todays’ increasingly dangerous world.

247Tech provides a class by itself solution, combining “real-time video” surveillance besides exceptionally low false alarms, facial recognition, security analytics, explosive detection & walkthrough firearm.

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