Smart Data-center & DCIM

Sustainable Green Data

Use the best servers with renewable energy resources reducing climate impact, leveraging infrastructure and uptime with unmatched expertise and product portfolio.

Are you a business holder becoming madden by dealing with the following problems?

-Servers and Applications are commonly down.

-Massive recurring annual or monthly cloud costs.

-Data center fronting performance issues because of inappropriate cooling of data center.

It’s high time to modernize your server room and to put forward the coherence into your data center operations. 247Tech is an honest partner for you with years of experience and knowledge in deploying and designing smart data centers.

Why Smart Data-center?

-Keeps your data protected from any kind of threats and leakages.

-Saves a specific cost over a prolonged period.

-Application and server are always present/available.

-Enhances your application’s stability.

-Gives you complete control of specific data and associated security.

247Tech’s smart data center assists you to transform IT into a business facilitator with digital analytics. This end-to-end, cloud-based solution tends to provide accurate, fast, actionable, and contextual insights. You can experience lower risk and costs by possessing “high-quality technology” services that increase your business.


-Significant IT infrastructure Visualization.

-Reduces deployment/distribution time.

-Guaranteed high data quality of your documentation.

Why choose 247Tech?

247Tech’s Smart Data-center services are a consultative, enterprise-wide approach to assist you in direct mission-critical environments. The services enclose the complete lifecycle, from design, assessment, and strategy to operational and implementation services. We deliver the client a Smart Data-center and DCIM that are efficient in meeting the firmest demands.


When you join 247 Tech you become part a thriving company with an enthusiastic culture. We are passionate about developing the expertise of our people and creating an inclusive work space. If you are looking for an opportunity that will challenge you and push you into mastery of your chosen career, then join our fast growing family.