Asset Management & Patch Management

Automated asset discovery and endpoint management

Automate the end-to-end life cycle of both IT and Non-IT assets distributed across different geo-locations. Scan, detect, analyze, and remediate all vulnerabilities across workstations and servers to ensure compliance centrally.

Asset Management

It determines the process of operating, developing, selling, and maintaining assets.
Every company requires to keep a track of associated assets. With the help of assets management, stakeholders will get to know specified assets that are obtainable to be retained to provide a satisfactory return.
247Tech’s asset management correctly identifies the requirement and cost-effectively implement solutions. 247Tech assures to manage a company’s assets effectively.

Why Asset Management?

-Helps recognize and manage risks.

-Authorizes a company/firm to consider all of its assets.

-Abolishes ghost assets in the firm’s inventory.

-Assists guarantee the correctness of amortization rates.

Patch Management

It is a process of applying and distributing updates to the software.

247Tech’s patch management assists companies by correcting necessary errors in the software. The patch management service of 247Tech encompasses feature updates, security patches, and bug fixes. 247Tech provides an effective patch management service by ensuring to identify components related to the information system to be of the latest version.

Why Patch Management?

-Assists your company by reducing security risks and fixing vulnerabilities on applications and software that are exposed to cyber-attacks.

-Supports system uptime b keeping applications and software up-to-date.

-Adheres to compliance standards.

-Encompasses functionality or feature updates.

How 247Tech help?

Every management at 247Tech asset and patch management starts with comprehending your needs. We aim to deliver you a customized service of the top-notch standard. We’re focused on the extraordinary objectives of developing trusted relationships and providing quality output.


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