Bandwidth Management, Acceleration & Caching (CDN)


Bandwidth consumption is increasing daily in all the market segments. A major challenge with this is control and prevention of over consumption.
To make things work efficiently and enhance productivity, we offer a centralized Bandwidth Controller for better visibility and control.

What is Bandwidth Management, Acceleration & Caching (CDN) ?

Bandwidth Management is the control, optimization, and allocation of data transmission rates within a network. It aims to ensure the efficient use of available bandwidth, prevent network congestion, and prioritize traffic based on specific criteria.

Acceleration, in the context of networking and data transfer, refers to techniques or technologies that enhance the speed and efficiency of data transmission. Acceleration techniques aim to reduce latency, enhance user experience, and improve overall network performance.

Caching (CDN) involves the storage of frequently accessed content closer to end-users. CDNs consist of distributed servers strategically placed in various locations to cache and deliver content, such as images, videos, and web pages, to users from the nearest server. This reduces latency, accelerates content delivery, and minimizes the load on the origin servers. CDNs enhance the performance and reliability of websites and applications, particularly for geographically dispersed users.

Benefits of Bandwidth Management, Acceleration & Caching (Cdn)

-Efficient utilization of available bandwidth resources.

-Prevention of network congestion for smoother operations.

-Fair distribution of bandwidth to prioritize critical traffic.

-Acceleration techniques to enhance data transmission speed.

-Reduction of latency for improved user experience.

-Optimization of network performance through protocol enhancements.

-Minimization of load on origin servers for efficient content delivery.

-Enhanced reliability and speed of websites and applications through CDN caching.

How 247Tech help?

Directing your bandwidth management is an efficient way to manage your networks up and running and thus keeping your customers satisfied.

Using bandwidth monitoring with 247Tech allows you to better optimize and plan your network for good performance and will be encouraged and applauded by your users. When you configure your network to carry the exact amount of bandwidth, speed and connectivity are increased, and the user experiences a better network.

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