Traffic Monitoring & Fraud Management

Built in security

Our Web filtering feature enables network admin to block user traffic to 37 categories of websites from HTTP and HTTPs traffic. The denial message can be customized and branded as per the business requirements. We also offer multiple administration levels that are based on organizational roles; these enhance security for your business.

What is Traffic Monitoring & Fraud Management?


Traffic Monitoring involves the observation, analysis, and management of network traffic to monitor its performance, security, and usage patterns. It includes the collection of data related to network traffic, such as packet counts, bandwidth utilization, source and destination IP addresses, and application protocols.

Fraud Management refers to the processes and systems implemented to detect, prevent, and mitigate fraudulent activities within an organization. In the context of telecommunications, fraud management focuses on identifying and addressing fraudulent activities related to telecommunication services, such as unauthorized access, subscription fraud, call spoofing, and billing fraud.

Benefits of Traffic Monitoring & Fraud Management

-Enhanced network performance and optimization.

-Improved quality of service for customers.

-Detection and prevention of fraudulent activities.

-Reduction of financial losses due to fraud.

-Protection of customer data and privacy.

-Compliance with regulatory requirements.

-Proactive identification of network issues and vulnerabilities.

-Maintenance of a positive brand reputation.

How 247Tech help?

247Tech centrally manages HSIA solutions in the private cloud for you. This signifies that everything from your PMS, branded login portals, guest promotions, tiered pricing, etc. are continuously maintained in an assured environment.

The key features included in 247Tech’s HSIA service are:

-Intelligent bandwidth management.

-Customized welcome page design.

-Access to all kinds of VPNs, etc.

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