Traffic Monitoring & Fraud Management

Built in security

Our Web filtering feature enable network admin to block user traffic to 37 categories of websites from HTTP and HTTPs traffic. The denial message can be customized and branded as per the business requirements.
We also offer multiple administration levels that are based on organizational roles; these enhances security for your business.

High-Speed Internet Access

247Tech’s HSIA delivers a reliable and consistent service that meets your expectations. HSIA is considered to be a mix of wireless and wired internet service coverage throughout the area that delivers staff efficiency and guest satisfaction. Quality HSIA of 247Tech is being built on a robust network cabling infrastructure that increases the customer experience and removes potential issues such as room switches, poor customer reviews, losing repeat business, etc.

Why High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA)?

HSIA is considered to be an important investment for any modern business, because:

-Improves employee satisfaction.

-Collaboration becomes easier.

-Provides data recovery and backup.

-Makes cloud storage simpler.

-Better customer services.

How 247Tech help?

247Tech centrally manages HSIA solutions in the private cloud for you. This signifies that everything from your PMS, branded login portals, guest promotions, tiered pricing, etc. are continuously maintained in an assured environment.

The key features included in 247Tech’s HSIA service are:

-Intelligent bandwidth management.

-Customized welcome page design.

-Access to all kinds of VPNs, etc.


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