Captive Portal & High Speed Internet Access (HSIA)

Leverage your ecosystem

Attractive and branded web pages designed according to single or multiple location properties which restricts unauthenticated users from using your bandwidth.
This is a highly flexible and easy solution to install that offers high speed internet experience to visitors across your property while offering marketing capacity for you.

Hotspot Captive Portal

Hotspot Captive Portal is specific software that tends to monitor the traffic of a particularized Wi-Fi hotspot, compelling users to connect to that network to go through a “landing page”. Furthermore, the users are being informed about the steps that need to be followed to connect to the Wi-Fi network approach the network on the landing page.

247Tech assists you in setting up various captive portals in “My Wi-Fi services” so that every location possess a distinct aspect and function than the others.

Why Hotspot Captive Portal?

-Separates network traffic.

-Limits data usage.

-Collects valuable data.

-Business and marketing recognition.

How 247Tech help?

Our Hotspot Captive Portal has become one of the most powerful and durable on the market. Throughout the years, we have made improvements that have been continuously evolving to adapt fully to your customers and business.

Each Hotspot Captive portal delivered by 247Tech aims at providing a specific number of functions that can be custom-tailored as you desire.

247Tech’s Hotspot Captive Portal offers a multitude of distinct ways of approaching the Internet that can be integrated at will.
1. Anonymous access.
2. Registration via SMS.
3. Login with the social network.
4. Registration via the web.
5. Miscellaneous preferences.