Storage (NAS, SAN, Cloud)

Data Storage as per your convenience.

Network-based-storage highly scalable solution providing multiple users access round the clock on premises and remotely with standardized set of rules and for formatting and processing data.


A program/hardware device that mainly provides specific services to some other devices in the given network. 247Tech’s server service allows resource sharing, provides data, and other services to the client machine in a particularized network.

Why Server?

A server is one of the well-liked IT equipment, yet a bit costly. Comprehending the benefits of utilizing servers is considered significant for determining whether they’re a virtuous investment in a specific situation. 

The following are the most remarkable advantages of utilizing a server:




-Easier support.



A physical device, incorporated on a computer that is efficient of storing data indelibly. 247Tech’s storage system assists in storing and accessing data, applications, and files.

Why Storage?

-Keeps data in one place.

-Easy to manage the hardware as well as data.


How 247Tech help?

Regardless of the situation, 247Tech supplies all the equipment and assists you require to secure your distinctive server and maintain quality storage.

247Tech’s specified solutions assure to keep your servers and storage safe by providing software security as well as physical security.


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