Real-Time Transportation Visibility & Tracking

Fleet Management and Tracking

What business is not engrossed in technology that helps increase productivity and efficiency, at the same time assisting to improve the safety of related fleet drivers and vehicles? Well, 247Tech’s fleet management systems are converting these dreams into actuality.

Fleet Management 

Fleet Management represents an overall action that mainly happens to carry out a fleet running on time, efficiently, and within budget. It refers to a process employed by fleet managers to observe fleet activities and form decisions from dispatch and routing, asset management, and vehicle disposal and acquisition.

Why Fleet Management?

-Improves productivity and efficiency.

-Increases customer satisfaction.

-Ensures compliance and reduces costs.

-Delivers real-time insights and updates.

-Improves driver safety and diminishes fuel consumption.

Fleet Tracking  

Fleet Tracking is a management system that employs GPS to surveil the activity of tracked assets like equipment, vehicles, and workers. 247Tech employs telematics technology to gather data from a fleet of assets in fleet tracking. The data is gathered in real-time making it useful for fleet managers, who tends to use specific data to create strategic decisions related to operations (where is the nearest crane?).

Why Fleet Tracking?

-Maximizes vehicle usage.

-Reduces fleet management costs.

-Improves route planning.

-Gets real-time information.

-Increases customer satisfaction.

How 247Tech help?

247Tech is initiating to revolutionise how businesses coordinate and strategize their workforce. Fleet management and tracking technology provide multiple benefits to businesses of all sizes and shapes. The fleet management and tracking technology of 247Tech allow customers to track operations efficiently, serves as a digital blueprint to promote safe and efficient driving. It’s time to enhance your business and opt for the given technology, if not already. It has become a significant tool for your business.


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