Physical security

Protect, Detect, Respond
and Recover.

Physical security determines the protection of software, hardware, networks, personnel, and data from various physical events and actions that could lead to serious damage or loss to an agency, enterprise, or institution.

Physical security

247Tech’s physical security framework comprises all the significant components of “physical security” such as alarm system, access control system, and closed-circuit television system. Thus, 247Tech provides a successful physical security system by implementing, maintaining, and improving these components.

Why Physical Security?

-Keeps your customers, public, and people safe.
-Maintains the confidence and trust of the organizations & individuals you work with.
-Prevents unauthorized individuals accessing your assets, premises, or information.
-Enhances security and efficiency by adding extra authentication like a fingerprint.

How 247Tech can help?

247Tech’s standard physical security service aims to protect the facilities and assets of the organization. 247Tech includes distinct levels of security such as minimum level security, medium level security, and high-level security to obstruct unauthorized external activities and protect property and personnel from harm/damage. 


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